”Tighter than Willy Deville´s crocodile boots.”
(Anders Tapola, Swedish paper Smålandsposten)

Magic melodies with a dark edge. Manna from guitar heaven for friends and fans of The Dream Syndicate, The Flamin´ Groovies, The Long Ryders, The Velvets and Television.
New album Psychic Reader released 2 November on Polythene Records/Paraply Records. Distributed by Border Music.

After a million years of free-floating in space from galaxy to galaxy, finally the last remaining batch of ”your plastic pal who´s fun to be with” has returned to the mothership and set up a permanent base in – of all places at this end of the Universe – Stockholm, Sweden. This four-piece psychedelic garage rock combo The Plastic Pals was formed in Spring 2005. Guilty as charged is singer/songwriter/guitarist Hawk, aka Håkan Soold, who brought together Anders Sahlin (a guitarist who Hawk played with in the band Piglet in the 1980s) with Sweden´s answer to Sly&Robbie Olov Öqvist, drums, and Bengt Alm, bass.

Take the fiery guitars of bands like Television, Flamin´ Groovies and The Dream Syndicate. Add a pinch of Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground and a dash of magic melodies with a dark edge. Bring to the boil with a soulful and groovy base of drums and bass. Stir well and season to taste with the finest spices from the legacy of rock and roll – from Hank to Hendrix, from Gram to The Long Ryders, from The Beatles to Big Star, from Townes to Paul K, from Coltrane to Television. The list goes on… There you have the taste and the sound of these guitar slingers from Stockholm, Sweden – The Plastic Pals. Dinner is served – Bon Appetit!

On their third album Psychic ReaderStockholm guitar slingers The Plastic Pals flirt with glam, ska, classic Brinsley Schwarz pub rock and 70s soul/funk. But the band still stay true to their patented twin guitar, drums and bass sound – drawing inspiration from 70s CBGB’s rock and The Paisley Underground – with a dash of powerpop, psychedelia and blue-eyed soul.

Psychic Reader features guest appearances from Camper Van Beethoven violinist Jonathan Segel, Polynesian/ Swedish chanteuse Tiare Helberg, Peter Forsman (from Swedish band IntoDeepWater), Italian keyboardist Francesco Bonfiglio (Lowlands) and – as on previous albums – Green On Red’s Chris Cacavas on keyboards.

“Question is whether the band ever sounded this good”, Swedish music critic Pär Berglund wrote in his blog Meadow Music on The Plastic Pals’ single Riding with Elvis (2015) – featured on the album as a re-mix by acclaimed US producer JD Foster. Psychic Reader’s ten songs tell tales of visits to London and New York, lost friends, loves and chance encounters … there’s no question – the band never sounded this good.

In 2008 The Plastic Pals released their debut album Good Karma Café (with guest appearances by former Green on Red keyboard maestro Chris Cacavas). A somewhat americana-tinged affair, and yet still true to the twin guitar-paisley-garage-powerpop-New York rock aesthetics the band presented on their debut EP The Band That´s Fun To Be With (2006). The album received really good reviews, in Sweden as well as in the UK, The Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. Tunes from the album have received airplay and/or is receiving airplay in the USA (WFMU and WFNX), the UK (BBC6 and the House for Mercy show at Total Radio), Greece, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain and France – with A-rotaion for 4 months on a radio station in Lyon.

The Plastic Pals have opened for The Dream Syndicate, Dan Stuart (Green on Red), Chris Cacavas (Green on Red) and ex-Green on Red guitar slinger Chuck Prophet, Australian garage rock legends The New Christs – with Rob Younger from Radio Birdman and Jim Dickson from The Barracudas – and Steve Wynn, founder of The Dream Syndicate.

(produced by Chris Cacavas) – was released in February 2013 The Plastic Pals released a new album – Turn The Tide – produced by Chris Cacavas. And the album received raving reviews and gained a lot of airplay in the USA, Sweden, Spain, France, Germany and in the UK.

In 2008 The Plastic Pals were invited to London by Gurbir “Another Cowboy” Dhillon (a passionate music aficionado who´s released albums with The Dream Syndicate and CBGB´s legendaries Band of Outsiders in the 80s) and Nick West (editor of magazine Bucketfull of Brains) for a celebration of The Paisley Underground at the Windmill, Brixton. Besides playing a regular Plastic Pals set, the Pals backed The Long Ryder´s Sid Griffin on a set of tunes by The Long Ryders, and then closed the night with a set of songs by The Only Ones, The Dream Syndicate, Green on Red, The Velvet Undergound and Danny&Dusty – with the whole venue singing along to the latter´s tune “Song for the dreamers”. The Plastic Pals have been back in London for shows in 2009, 2013 (when they also played at The Cavern in Liverpool). Ocbober 2018 the band played two shows in Southend (The Railway Hotel) and in London (What´s Cookin´in Leytonstone) with their friends The Lucky Strikes.

The Plastic Pals have also played in New York twice, 2013 (when they also played in New Jersey) and 2015. In November 2015 they played in Milano together with their Italian friends Lowlands.

Album Good Karma Café took The Plastic Pals to London. Turn The Tide took them to New York and Milano. Let´s see where Psychic Reader takes the band.

Håkan “Hawk” Soold – Vocals, Guitar
Anders Sahlin – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Bengt Alm – Bass, Backing Vocals
Olov Öqvist – Drums

Psychic Reader (CD album) 2018
Riding with Elvis (7″ vinyl single) 2015
Turn The Tide (12″ vinyl and CD album) 2013
Good Karma Café 2008 (CD album)
“The band that´s fun to be with” 2006 (CD-EP)