Past Gigs


2018-03-29 Club Probation @ Snövit, Stockholm, Sweden. 8 PM.

2018-02-22 Melodybox, Stockholm, Sweden. 7 PM.

2019-01-13 Twang, Stockholm, Sweden. Acoustic gig, supporting Stefan Murphy. 7 PM.


2018-12-21 Southside Cavern, Hornsgatan 104, Stockholm, Sweden. 8 PM.

2018-11-17 Hijazz Klubb, Uppsala, Sweden. 8 PM.

2018-10-27 Melodybox, Stockholm, Sweden. 8 PM.

2018-12-21 What´s Cookin´, London, UK. 8 PM.

2018-12-21 The Railway Hotel, Southend-On-Sea, UK. 8 PM.

2018-08-23 Lasse i Parken, Stockhom, Sweden. 7 PM.

2018-05-27 International Pop Overthrow, Southside Cavern, Stockholm. 5:30 PM.

2018-02-17 Hijazz Klubb, Uppsala, Sweden. With The Lucky Strikes (UK). 8 PM.

2018-08-23 PSB, Stockholm, Sweden. With The Lucky Strikes (UK). 8 PM.


2017-09-22 Speakeasy, Stockholm, Sweden. With Toxin T. 9 PM.

2017-07-15 What´s Cookin´, London, UK. Hawk solo. With Chris Cacavas and Ed Abbiati. 7:30 PM

2017-05-27 International Pop Overthrow, PSB, Stockholm, Sweden. With Paul Collins guesting. 7 PM.


2016-12-16 Cantina Real, Stockholm, Sweden. With KajHolst. 7 PM.

2016-10-28 Southside Cavern, Stockholm, Sweden. With Tiare Helberg. 8 PM.


2015-11-20 PSB, Stockholm, Sweden. With Korova Milkbar. 8 PM.

2015-09-18 Josef´s House of Blues, Eskilstuna, Sweden. 7 PM

2015-09-04 Live at Heart, Örebro, Sweden. 7 PM.

2015-08-22 Lasse i Parken, Stockhom, Sweden. 7 PM.

2015-06-04 Göta Källare, Stockholm, Sweden. 7 PM.

2015-03-04 Bowery Electric, 327 Bowery, New York City, USA.

2015-03-04 Rew & Who, live video interview + gig @ Otto´s Shrunken Head, 538 East 14th, New York City, USA.

2015-02-28 Sidewalk Café, 94 Avenue A, New York City, USA. Label night for World Wide Vibe Records.

2015-02-22 First we take Southside, then we take New York @ Southside Cavern, Stockholm, Sweden. 8 PM.

2015-01-12 Harvest Home, Stockhom, Sweden. Release show for digital single Riding with Elvis. With Tiare Helberg.


2014-11-21 CC-puben, Gövle, Sweden. 8 PM.

2014-10-02 Spillestedet Stengade, Copenhagen, Denmark. Opening for The Fleshtones. 9 PM.

2014-09-27 Rockklubben, Visby, Sweden. 9 PM.

2014-08-23 Lasse i Parken, Stockhom, Sweden. 7 PM.

2014-06-06 Make Music Stockholm @ Twang (outdoors), Stockholm, Sweden. 2 PM.


2013-11-17 Otto´s Shrunken Head, 538 East 14th, New York City , USA. 8 PM.

2013-11-16 The Ding Dong Lounge, New York City, USA. 8 PM.

2013-11-15 The Brighton Bar, New Jersey, USA. 8 PM.

2013-11-14 Bar Matchless, New York City , USA. 7 PM.

2013-11-08 Pet Sounds Bar, Skånegatan 80, Stockholm, Sweden. 8 PM.

2013-10-13 Pet Sounds Bar, Skånegatan 80, Stockholm, Sweden. With Chris Cacavas. 7 PM.

2013-10-12 Club Honky Tonk, Gothenburg, Sweden. With Chris Cacavas. 8 PM.

2013-10-11 Folk å Rock, Malmö, Sweden. With Chris Cacavas. 8 PM.

2013-10-10 CC-puben, Gävle, Sweden. With Chris Cacavas. 8 PM.

2013-10-09 Southside Cavern, Hornsgatan 144, Stockholm, Sweden. With Chris Cacavas. 8 PM.

2013-08-23 Husbyfestivalen, Stockholm, Sweden. 12 AM.

2013-06-14 Liljan, Borlänge, Sweden. Support for The Nomads. 8 PM.

2013-05-18 Dirty Water Club @ The Shacklewell Arms, London, UK. 8 PM.

2013-05-17 The Betsey Trotwood, Clarkenwell, London, UK. With Dan Raza & The Shrouds + Trent Miller. 8 PM.

2013-05-17 The Cavern Club, Liverpool, UK. 12 AM.

2013-05-16 The Cavern Club, Liverpool, UK. 8:15 PM.

2013-04-20 Skål, Stockholm, Sweden. With Lowlands (Italy). 7 PM.

2013-04-19 Record Store Day @ Pet Sounds Record Store, Stockholm, Sweden. 12 AM.

2013-03-31 Come Down And Meet The Folks @ The Apple Tree, Clerkenwell, London, UK. Hawk solo. 5 PM.

2013-02-26 Pet Sounds Record Store, Stockholm, Sweden. Acoustic in-store gig. 5 PM.

2013-02-08 Club Devolution @ Southside, Hornsgatan 104, Stockholm, Sweden. 8 PM.

2013-01-25 Pet Sounds Bar, Skånegatan 80, Stockholm, Sweden. Release show for new album “Turn The Tide”. 8 PM.


2012-12-20 Pet Sounds Bar, Skånegatan 80, Stockholm, Sweden. Pre-release show for new album “Turn The Tide”. Guest: Jonathan Segel (Camper Van Beethoven). 7 PM. More info: The Plastic Pals “The Vinyl Mystery” @ Pet Sounds Bar

Pet Sounds Bar, Skånegatan 80 Stockholm, Sweden. Hawk and Anders solo unplugged. 8 PM.

2012-10-06 Skål, Stockholm, Sweden. With Korova Milkbar. 7 PM. More info: The Plastic Pals + Korova Milkbar @ Skål October 6 2012

2012-05-26 The Liffey, Stockholm, Sweden. With Stupidity.

2012-03-24 Lakeside Lounge, New York, USA. Hawk with The Band of Outsiders.

2012-03-12 Big Ben, Folkungagatan 97, Stockholm. 8 PM. Unplugged.

2012-01-22Skål, Lindvallsgatan 11–13 Stockholm. 7 PM. With Chris Cacavas (ex Green on Red, Giant Sand, etc). Buy tickets!


2011-12-17 Walla Scen, Valla Torg 52 A, Årsta Stockholm. 7 PM

2011-11-12 Twang Sessions, Twang Gitarrkafé, Katarina Bangata 25, Stockholm. 2 PM – unplugged. Support: Linda Sundblad.

2011-10-27 Come down and meet the folks, The Apple Tree, London. Hawk solo. With The Halleljuah Trails and Susan James. 5 PM

2010-10-12 Business party, Stockholm

2011-08-28 Moment Teater, Gubbängstorget 117, Stockholm. With Farsta and Tictox. 7 PM

2011-03-27 Jonny Dunder Presents, Skål, Lindvallsgatan 11, Stockholm. 7 PM

2011-02-23 Club Indiependence, Big Ben, Folkungagatan 97, Stockholm. 8 PM. (With The Pace)

2010-12-28 Twang Guitar Store, Katarina Bangata 25, Stockholm

2010-11-18 Göta Källare Stockholm, Sweden. Opening for Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3.
9 PM. Tickets:

Lyktfestivalen, Stora Sköndal, Stockholm, Sweden

2010-09-04 Moment, Gubbängen, Stockholm, Sweden
2010-04-11 Southside, Stockholm. Opening for Chuck Prophet
2010-01-22 Pluto, Gröndal, Stockholm.


2010-12-29 Twang, Stockholm, Sweden. With Jay Shogren. 7 PM


2009-11-07 What´s Cookin´@ The Sheepwalk, London.
2009-11-06 Turning Worm Presents, The Enterprise, London.
strong>2009-10-20 Bar 122, Folkungagatan 122, Stockholm.
2009-10-20 Folk&Rock-festivalen, Segmon, Värmland, Sweden.
2009-06-06 Feelgood, Halden, Norway. Opening for The New Christs.
2009-05-29 Club Probation, Snövit, Stockholm, Sweden.
2009-04-25 Sjöhästen, Stockholm (with Soundlimited, Kalmar and De Livslevande Fågelmännen, Stockholm)
2009-03-14 Teaterstudio Lederman, Stockholm, Sweden. Opening for Lars Cleveman. Relase show for his album Voices in my head (feat. The Plastic Pals).
2009-01-28 Mosebacke, Stockholm, Sweden (with Stina Berge).


2008-11-29 ROQ, Stockholm, Sweden (with Stupidity).
2008-11-08 Club Bonnie & Clyde´s Renegade Rendezvous, 12 Bar Club, London, UK.
2008-11-07 Take A Ryde On The Paisley Underground, Windmill Brixton, London, UK (with Sid Griffin).
2008-11-06 Hope & Anchor, London, UK.
2008-11-06 Café Kom, Gothenburg, Sweden.
2008-09-22 Releaseparty for debut album “Good Karma Café. Debaser, Stockholm, Sweden.
2009-05-30 Moment Teater, Stockholm, Sweden. Unplugged. With Jay Shogren.
2009-05-09 Walla Scen, Stockholm, Sweden. With Rost and Piloter.
2008-04-04 Söderport, Kalmar, Sweden. With Soundlimited.


2007-12-15 Kafé 44, Stockholm, Sweden. With Gudibrallan.


2006-12-06 Stampen, Stockholm, Sweden.
2008-11-14 Stacken, Nalen, Stockholm, Sweden.
2008-10-21 Broder Tuck, Stockholm, Sweden.
2008-09-12 Mosebacke, Stockholm, Sweden.
2008-04-12 Dancin´Dingo, Stockholm, Sweden. Release show for EP The band that´s fun to be with.


2005-10-11 Stampen, Stockholm, Sweden.
2008-09-08 Mosebacke, Stockholm, Sweden. (with Cleveman Rössel Band).

Next gig in Stockholm – with Tiare Helberg + Jontahan Segel on fiddle

Friday 28th October we´re back in the saddle gigging. We´re playing at Southside Cavern in Stockholm. Joined by Jonathan Segel (Camper Van Beethoven) on fiddle. Plus we have the honour to have the wonderful chanteuse Tiare Helberg with band as our opener. So if in Stockholm, Sweden 28 October, come see us at this gig: […]

New single + Hawk solo gigs

“Wouldn’t Change a Thing brings to mind Willie Nile at his anthemic best, burning, blues-infused guitars fueling a creepy, phantasmagorical tale.” (New York Music Daily). 22 April we release a new single, Wouldn´t Change A Thing (from album Turn The Tide). But before that there´s two Hawk solo gigs: on Radio P4 Sjuhärad today at […]

The Plastic Pals to Milan for a joint gig with Lowlands

Friday 27 November we jump on a plane to Milan to play our first ever gig in Italy. Saturday 28 November we play Spazio Teatro 89 in Milan with our friends, the amazing rock amerciana band Lowlands, who came to play with us in Stockholm 2013. So this is the second leg in the Sweden-Italy […]

Green on Red´s Dan Stuart till Stockholm lördag och Malmö fredag

Post by Håkan Hawk Soold.

Paisley underground legends to Sweden – we´re opening for The Dream Syndicate and for Dan Stuart

Three major dates coming up in May for fans and friends of the 1980´s paisley underground scene. 2 May The Dream Syndicate play at Nalen, Stockholm. 9 May and 10 May ex-Green on Red-cat Dan Stuart play in Malmö and Stockholm. Yours trulies are opening on all three dates.

Swedish tour with The Cynz who we played with in New York and New Jersey

This week our pals The Cynz from New Jersey are coming to Sweden. Fronted by bombshell Cyndi Dawson – spoken word and poetry rock and roll femme fatale with an amazing stage persona – they´re a rock and roll tsunami that recalls the CBGB´s days and artists like Patti Smith and Jim Carroll. And now […]

Getting ready to take Manhattan… and Brooklyn… and New Jersey – but first we take the Pet Sounds Bar

“Sorry it took so long, but we were just tuning.” Just like everybody else we were devastated to hear the news about Lou Reed´s passing. And now this quote from his Live Take No Prisoners album comes to mind. So sorry for having neglected this page for a while. But we´ve been busy tuning. Tuning […]

Dalarna here we come – opening for The Nomads

Another opening band feather in the cap for us Plastic Pals. Having opened for luminaries as Chuck Prophet, Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 and The New Christs (with Rob Younger from Radio Birdman and Jim Dickson from The Barracudas) it´s now time for The Plastic Pals to open for The Nomads. The show´s in […]

The Relentless Turn The Tide Tour goes to Liverpool and London

This week – 16th May to 18th May – The Plastic Pals are going on a mini tour to the UK. Thursday May 16 and Friday May 17 we´re playing at The Cavern Club as a part of the line up for the 11th festival Internartional Pop Overthrow, Liverpool. Straight after last Liverpool gig, Friday […]

Italian band Lowlands on a double bill with us in Stockholm April 20

Saturday April 20 is a not-to-miss-date for friends and fans of americana, roots rock and psychedelic jangly guitar pop in Stockholm. The Plastic Pals have invited fantastic Italian americana band Lowlands for a double bill gig at Skål, Hornstull, Stockholm.

Extra extra! Hawk and Anders solo @ Pet Sounds Bar tonight

A last minute call to all in Stockholm. Hawk and Anders have been called in – last minute – to play a short unplugged set at Pet Sounds Bar (Skånegatan 80). It´s the opening night of new club PopOnsdag. Relase party for Sulo´s (Diamond Dogs) and Idde´s (Docenterna) new album. Docenterna´s Joppe Pihlgren is also […]

Do you remember the Saturday gigs?

We do… we do… And this Saturday we´re doing a double bill with the awesome reunited Korova Milkbar at the same crime scene as when Chris Cacavas was here in Stockholm in January: Skål.