We have so many cool pals:

Chris Cacavas – ex Green on Red, Danny &Dusty, solo artist, and session keyboardist with everyone. He´s also a wonderful friend, one of a kind, a huge inspiration and the producer of our second album Turn The Tide:

Spring Park Motel – We simply love this London americana band. We had the pleasure of sharing stage with them at The Enterprise in Camden, London 2009 (a Piers and Dave Turning Worm gig). Plus singer/guitarist Dan Atrill is the one who helped us set up this web page. Such a sweet guy and such a great band, Spring Park Motel:

Sid Griffin – The Coal Porters, ex The Long Ryders, Danny&Dusty, Western Electric, writer of numerous biographies on Gram Parsons, Dylan, etc. The Plastic Pals had the huge honour, privlige and pleasure of playing Long Ryders tunes with Sid on a paisley underground in London 2008. A good man he is, uncle Sid:

Dan Stuart – ex Green on Red, Danny &Dusty, solo artist. “The grumpiest man in showbusiness” according to himself. But he´s a sweetheart, really, we learnt whe doing a short tour of Sweden with him May 2014, joining him on a few Green on Red classics at the end of his set:

Tiare Helberg – fantastic Polynesian/Swedish songwriter and chanteuse. Hawk and Tiare has started a duo project together. First gig at Pet Sounds Bar, Stockholm, June 26th 2014:

Marty Willson-Piper – guitarist with The Church. Fine musician, songwriter, singer, guitarist and musicologist. Compulsive record collector and a good friend:

Lowlands – Sublime Italian americana from this band, formed and led by British ex-pat Edward Abbiati, a true inspiration and a great friend. This fine music spiced up by the stunning violin virtuoso of Chiara Giacobbe:

Steve Wynn – ex The Dream Syndicate, Danny&Dusty, solo artist, etc. In 2010 we opened for Steve and his The Miracle 3 at Göta Källare in Stockholm. And in 2014 we opened for The Dream Syndicate at Nalen in Stockholm:

Tom Stevens – ex The Long Ryders, Danny&Dusty, Magi and a wonderful solo artist and singer/songwriter – and a really great friend and such an inspiration to the band:

Bucketfull of Brains – since late 1970´s the magazine of rock n´ roll, psych,
garage, punk, country and folk:

Jay Shogren – singer/songwriter, “Wyoming´s Guy Clark” and session lapsteel player with The Plastic Pals. But not only that. He´s professor of environmental economy at University of Wyoming and was 2008 appointed as the Swedish king´s guest professor in Umeå, Sweden. He´s also a member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Hence we refer to him as “The King´s Professor” :

Marianne Pettersson-Soold – calligrapher/graphic designer and Hawk´s ex-wife and mother of his two kids Elsa and Simon:

Trent Miller – now here´s a treat to you lot, if you haven´t yet discovered Trent Miller & The Skeleton Jive. Dark cowboy romantic setting to sweet alt-country in the tradition of the late great Townes van Zandt. He´s also a great guy and a fine friend:

Band of Outsiders – finest CBGB´s style rock band from New York City:

The New Christs – awesome Australian garage rock with Rob Younger (Radio Birdman) and James Dickson (Barracudas):

Chuck Prophet – ex Green on Red, ace singer/songwriter, guitarist, producer:

Rainer Lolk – sound demon and engineer of new upcoming album:

More links will follow…