We have so many cool pals:

Chris Cacavas – ex Green on Red, Danny &Dusty, solo artist, and session keyboardist with everyone. He´s also a wonderful friend, one of a kind, a huge inspiration and the producer of our second album Turn The Tide:

Suspicious Objects – An awesome band from London and good friends. Had the pleasure to see them at The Betsey Trotwood 2017. Plus singer/guitarist Dan Atrill is the one who helped us set up this web page. Such a sweet guy and such a great band:

Dan Stuart – ex Green on Red, Danny &Dusty, solo artist. “The grumpiest man in showbusiness” according to himself. But he´s a sweetheart, really, we learnt whe doing a short tour of Sweden with him May 2014, joining him on a few Green on Red classics at the end of his set:

Tiare Helberg – fantastic Polynesian/Swedish songwriter and chanteuse. Guest appearances on Plastic Pals album Psychic Reader (2018): http://tiarehelberg.com

Marty Willson-Piper – guitarist with The Church. Fine musician, songwriter, singer, guitarist and musicologist. Compulsive record collector and a good friend:

Lowlands – Sublime Italian americana from this band, formed and led by British ex-pat Edward Abbiati, a true inspiration and a great friend:

Steve Wynn – ex The Dream Syndicate, Danny&Dusty, solo artist, etc. In 2010 we opened for Steve and his The Miracle 3 at Göta Källare in Stockholm. And in 2014 we opened for The Dream Syndicate at Nalen in Stockholm:

Tom Stevens – ex The Long Ryders, Danny&Dusty, Magi and a wonderful solo artist and singer/songwriter – and a really great friend and such an inspiration to the band:

Bucketfull of Brains – since late 1970´s the magazine of rock n´ roll, psych,
garage, punk, country and folk:

Jay Shogren – singer/songwriter, “Wyoming´s Guy Clark” and session lapsteel player with The Plastic Pals. But not only that. He´s professor of environmental economy at University of Wyoming and was 2008 appointed as the Swedish king´s guest professor in Umeå, Sweden. He´s also a member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Hence we refer to him as “The King´s Professor” :

Trent Miller – now here´s a treat to you lot, if you haven´t yet discovered Trent Miller & The Skeleton Jive. Dark cowboy romantic setting to sweet alt-country in the tradition of the late great Townes van Zandt. He´s also a great guy and a fine friend:

Band of Outsiders – finest CBGB´s style rock band from New York City:

The New Christs – awesome Australian garage rock with Rob Younger (Radio Birdman) and James Dickson (Barracudas):

Chuck Prophet – ex Green on Red, ace singer/songwriter, guitarist, producer:

Rainer Lolk – sound demon and engineer of new upcoming album:

More links will follow…