Don´t let this moment pass you by

Hi all Pals! Hope your summer´s been real good and that you´ve missed us as much as we´ve missed you. We are getting back into the swing rehearsing, preparing for the release of the new album Turn The Tide (release in January 2013) a new single release in November and booking new gigs. In the meantime we give you this videoclip – by way of the one and only Stargirl B-grrrlie – from our latest gig, with Little Steven´s Underground Garage´s favourites Stupidity at The Liffey in Stockholm: Here comes the sun, “Riding the rollercoaster, don´t let this moment pass you by”

Next gig will be Saturday October 6 at Skål at Södermalm, Stockholm – where we played with Chris Cacavas in January. This time we have the honour and pleasure to do a joint gig with the recently resurrected legendaries from the 80´s and early 90´s – our good friends Korova Milkbar. Check out this event on Facebook.

Guess that´s all for now, folks! So now behave ya´ll and take good care!

Love always!

The Plastic Pals

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