Happy 80th Elvis – here´s Riding with Elvis

Riding with Elvis_artwork

Today it´s 80 years since Elvis Presley was born. And today we´re releasing our new single called “Riding with Elvis” on World Wide Vibe Records. A NYC label run by Phil Gammage, who used to play with the amazing A Certain General in the 80´s. This is a digital single and it´s available on all major online outlets.

“Riding with Elvis in a battered blue pickup truck, rapping about how lateley we´re down on Lady Luck.” Yes, we wanted to pay tribute to the King in a song. Hope you reckon we somewhat succeeded. At least we did try. And the new single´s taking us to NYC again, playing a label night for World Wide Vibe Records February 28th at the Sidewalk Café. We´re also playing at the Bowery Electric 4th March.

“You can call me on the telephone or leave me a note down at Harvest Home.” Now Harvest Home, that´s my (Hawk) local. And that´s where the release party is Monday 12 January.

“Jamming with Janis in a sleazy old downtown bar, she says that touch of your fingers would carry you far.” Janis Joplin´s always been huge inspiration for me (Hawk) and I´ve had a soft spot for her since I saw a documentary on her when I was 12. So her being in this song is most fitting, I reckon (Hawk).

Hope you guys will enjoy listening to this tune as much as we enjoyed making it. You can listen to it or download it on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, CDBaby, etc.

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